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Seo Specialist

Are you a Seo Specialist and you live in the province of Venice, Treviso, Padua, Udine or you are willing to move to start a new working career? We are looking for you! We are looking for a person to be included in our team that will deal with optimization and positioning activities in web search engines, with reference to the Search Engine Marketing services, in order to guarantee excellent visibility to websites.

The objective of the SEO Specialist is to carry out all the activities defined by the service to achieve the goals set with the customer, improve the results in terms of visibility, traffic and conversion, in order to sustain the customer’s expectations.


Essential requirements:

• At least 3 years of proven experience in the sector;

• Excellent knowledge of all the topics related to the optimization for search engines;

• Autonomy and problem-solving capabilities;

• Aptitude towards research on the net;

• Precise knowledge of Microsoft Office applications;

• Knowledge of the web development;

• Good knowledge of HTML and CSS;

• Good knowledge of the general functioning of the web.


Essential operational skills:

• Ability to navigate the internet and find information;

• Ability to create texts functional to online fruition;

• Analysis/synthesis capacity;

• Excellent knowledge of all the navigational and communicational tools on the Internet.


Preferential Titles:

• Good knowledge of English;

• Diploma or degree in technical-IT area.

• Interest and passion for the Internet;

• Inclination for team work.


Place of work: Noventa di Piave (VE)

If you think you are the right person, fill the form and send us your CV!

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