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Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist


Has the role of creating the texts to be published on the Customer’s website, starting from the commercial brief appropriately elaborated in linguistic terms and giving it a persuasive slant able to invite the Surfer to explore and deepen the navigation, in order to optimize in the message the constraints linked to the organic positioning and defined with the SEO Specialist. Interacts with the Customer for a spot-on definition of the contents in accordance with the digital strategy.


Knowledge & Skills

• Has a degree in humanities (Communications, Letters, Philosophy), preferably with a dissertation on the Digital world;
• knows the basic techniques of persuasive communication, excellent verbal and written communication skills;
• basic knowledge of how Digital strategies work;
• thorough knowledge of the MS Office package;
• advanced knowledge of English;
• at least 1 year of experience in a web Agency, preferably in a position that requires contact with the Market.


Core attitude

• results-oriented;
• dynamic and with sense of initiative;
• ability to organise and to organise him/herself;
• ability to analyse data and create models;
• ability to analyse and create linguistic structures;
• is self-confident and likes to face challenges.


We offer

• initial insertion training and lifelong learning;
• stimulating and innovative environment;
• initial compensation in line with the market;
• career opportunities.


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