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Exploring new opportunities to pioneer advance standard-setting solutions

Connecting to the internet objects and places is the new frontier of the web world. For this reason MM-ONE Group always offers to its customers new technologies, to keep in line with the evolution of the Internet of Things. MM-ONE Group's computer technology allows companies to enter the era of interconnected portability: multiscreen technologies, interactive totems, mobile applications for Augmented Reality are the latest developments of MM-ONE Group in the digital field.

Smart stores, tourist resorts, museums... these are only some of the areas of activity to which the technologies related to the Internet of Things can be applied, technologies conceived and developed to meet the demand of the digital consumer.

For example, in-store touchscreen totems and the detection of mobile devices, both play a fundamental role in drawing the attention of a customer that enters a shop and prompting a purchase. If it is positioned at the entrance of a shop, the interactive totem is used as a Brand communication, marketing, and training tool. By touching the screen, the customer can navigate online to quickly search for information about the products and services sold: those displayed In-store, those not available, the variations, how to proceed with the order or with the online purchase, etc.

MM-ONE Group created the interactive technology for the tourist resort of Bibione, placing the totem and the touch screens of the Bibione5Aquae project in the Aquae2015 Stand of Expo Venice. Thanks to the technologies adopted, the visitor can take a virtual tour to discover the natural beauty of the location, view pictures and videos, discover the tourist itineraries, download the App and make an online booking. For further information you can download the video by clicking here.

Augmented Realty

Influence the reality with virtual content to change information broadcasting and navigation process into unique experience

Interactive App

Create exclusive environments to engage users through customized navigation

Multiscreen Technology

Take advantage of digital opportunities to reach new audiences

Omnichannel Solutions

Perfect blend of online and offline strategies for powerful growth of your business

Internet of Things

Epic integration of real-world objects and online tools to access aggregated information and improve overall digital strategy


Involve customers in proximity marketing events using mobile APP.

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