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Defining a marketing action plan to expand your business

MM-ONE Group's Digital Marketing strategies are the right combination of actions to promote your website and Brand, attracting visitors interested in your goods and services.

Just having a website is not enough to let people know about you. They have to find you!

This is why MM-ONE Group supports companies in creating the right digital strategies and in establishing themselves in the vast Web: all the activities carried out contribute to the complex process of giving visibility to a website.

Thanks to a team of qualified professionals, always up-to-date on the developments in this field, MM-ONE Group offers a wide range of services aimed at the optimization of the contents, for a better analysis and reading of Web sites by search engines.


To meet the ever increasing demand for visibility, even in countries with emerging economies, and to find new markets in these areas, MM-ONE Group also specializes in the production of International Digital Marketing.

Different countries, different digital strategies: in China and Russia, for example, digital channels are different to those used by Europeans and Americans. Therefore, it is necessary to create digital strategies that follow the rules of the Web in each country, taking into consideration the customs and culture. For this reason, when supporting its customers along this path, MM-ONE Group is equipped with native speaker professionals.

Not only China and Russia, but also Eastern European countries, Brazil, India, Mexico, USA... to conquer this heterogeneous digital geography you need support from MM-ONE Group.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Maximize website’s visibility on search engine result pages to achieve more conversions

Search Engine Marketing SEM

Develop paid advertising campaigns online to improve sales performance

Toxic links analysis

Ensure the standards of website quality to improve its visibility and achieve sales growth

Google recovery penalty

Remove Google penalties to win back lost positions on search engine results pages.

E-Mail Marketing

Build complex campaigns based on email communication for Brand recognition

Social Media Marketing

Engage customers in social media to increase Brand representation

Digital PR

Product placement involving thematic blogs and opinion leader for effective promotion of the Brand

Press Office

Placement of high quality articles and news in online mass media online for effective reputation development

Media Planning

Online and offline communication management for effective engagement and result assessment

Affiliation Marketing

Place and being placed using the right medium players to increase conversions and drive sales

Display Advertising

Beneficial placement of your advertising message to increase brand awareness

Mobile Marketing

Reach audiences of mobile services and applications to enhance your Web Marketing media plan

Video Advertising

Publish video on YouTube to improve online appeal of your brand

RTB & Programmatic

Ensure beneficial placement formats to increase brand visibility on major online networks


Placement for user who already made purchase decision to increase sales efficiency

Content Marketing

Creation of high quality content to fill your media plan with materials that are shared using online media to increase your Brand reputation

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