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New high-quality solutions, from yesterday's wood

Saviola Group can rightly consider itself an internationally leading company in the field of products in wood and for wood, starting from recycled materials. The philosophy of this so defined Eco-Ethical Company involves the creation of panels, furniture, finishes, resins and many more but without having to knock down further trees; or rather, on a par with what happens in other companies related to plastic and glass, it identifies in wood waste a potential rebirth tool for new high-quality objects.

Our action, on behalf of the client, can be translated into the development of a bran oriented website characterized by a high emotional appealing: there is a lot of space for company values, specific mission, reached goals in search of new solutions more and more compatible with a refined conception of respect for the environment.

This web look aims at enhancing the communicative component and at the same time its operational efficiency. It is totally responsive, and it takes the form of a place where both ordinary users and building & design professionals can gather all the useful information about every single product, quickly and intuitively.

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