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Pra' della Luna

From the passion for fruits of the earth to the joy of giving you high quality wines

Precise competence in the field of wine making, strong bond with the territory, desire for relaxed and participatory communication with customers: these are the business values ​​of Pra’ Della Luna, as well as the coordinates that we respected in creating its new website.

We focused a lot on images within the portal of this valuable Friulian wine-making enterprise, and even more on the interaction between visual element and textual content. The navigation is extremely emotional, with graphic references ranging from convivial occasions in which it is a pleasure to devote oneself to a toast, like a birthday party or a picnic on the grass with a guitar in hand, to different characteristic fragrances of every individual bottle, recalled also through drawings and logos, often in floral reference, in the product details.

Moving from section to section is a fascinating experience, accurate also in terms of graphic effects and animations, often referring to the concept of lunar phases, meaningful both in remarking the strong contact that the company maintains with nature and in underlining the name and image of the brand. A complex but harmonious journey, tailored around the specific needs of Pra’ Della Luna.

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