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Municipality of Noventa di Piave

The resort in the pockets of tourist. A new way to promote the rich tourist offer of the small centre, a few steps away from the main north-eastern tourist itinerary

In a society where people are always connected and using their smartphone to get information, share experiences, do shopping and plan travel, being mobile becomes a necessity.

For this, for the municipality of Noventa di Piave (VE), we implemented MyNoventa Project: APP and Totem Tourist Guide to bring the city into the pockets of tourist and circulate useful content about the attractions in the area: events, places of interest, hints for experiences among nature, culture, local food and wine, history, shopping and entertainment.

APP MyNoventa is available on both Apple & Android devices and can be downloaded for free. Once the APP is installed on your smartphone, you will have access to all the information you need to plan your stay in Noventa di Piave, from the recommended routes to business in the city. In addition, by visiting the operators included in the APP you will find a QR Code that will display useful information about events, attractions, restaurants and many others.

The two interactive touch Totems of MyNoventa, located in the centre of Noventa di Piave and in the shopping area near the exit San Donà / Noventa di Piave of the A4 motorway, host the contents of the APP with the addition of useful information about transport. A way to promote the territory and allow tourists to plan their itinerary and choose the most suitable timetables and means of transport to reach their next destination. All through a few simple touches. Comfortable, easy and fast!

APP and Totem operate across a centralised platform, so the content is always updated automatically and synced to all the devices.

Discover the world of MyNoventa: download the presentation PDF or directly search for the APP “MyNoventa” on Apple Store or Play Store.

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