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Earn space, time and resources thanks to vertical warehouses

Modula's sector is that of the design and production of vertical warehouses, conceived for a better stowage and an easier access to objects, goods and materials referring to any industrial context.

The collaboration between us and this innovative company has been covered a period of four years. In this time frame, marked by a structured roadmap over the medium-long term, we have been able to give new impulse to both the graphics and web architecture at the site, creating a solid and reliable internet infrastructure.

The international vocation is well represented by a linguistic range that includes 17 languages and the geolocation of four dedicated servers in the world, almost one per continent, in order to guarantee accessibility and time of high-end uploads in vast regions of the planet.

In the course of this structured collaboration over time we have increased the online visibility of Modula, through digital tailor made strategies that make SEO and Paid strengths to dominate the serp of Google / Yandex serp etc...

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