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Fioravanti Onesti - Wine

It’s difficult to imagine the taste of a wine just looking at the bottle. But what if we were able to do that.

Nature, authenticity, tradition at the core of venetian excellence inspired us to create fresh image-forming website for Fioravanti Onesti winery.

Just imagine if you could discover the wine online… as if you were trying it in the genuine wine cellar. We managed to develop intuitive and unique navigation experience through the information on the site pages, as well as within our E-commerce platform StoreOne.

The site projects the essence, long-standing traditions and production insights of the winery with well-structured dedicated sections easily accessible in a couple of clicks thanks to smart usability and easy navigation process. In a few minutes the customers will be able to discover the preferred wine and proceed with an online purchase.

Besides visual excellence, realized with carefully selected items and production accuracy, each wine product page has a set of unique feedbacks from the wine experts. Expressive, vivid language of storytelling will help customers to imagine the taste of each particular wine presented in the shop.

Together with representative digital production, MM-ONE Group built for Fioravanti Onesti new digital strategy for effective online presence, responsive to client’s interest in online marketing. In terms of awareness building we have created a comprehensive digital ecosystem to provide sales for both B2B & B2C marketing directions.

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