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DGSHAPE A Roland Company

The Adv strategy that makes you smile again

DGSHAPE, a spin-off of the parent company Roland DG Corporation born in Japan more than 40 years ago, is a renowned company that assumed the leadership in the global market for a wide range of products with applications in the fields of printing, printing and cut, engraving, modelling and 3D printing.

Among the different sectors for which Roland develops high-level equipment, there is dental field: the company realizes dental mills designed and studied for milling a wide range of dental prosthetic materials and it is precisely in this area that MM ONE intervened satisfying the customer need to promote this specific branch of the company.

The online website is rich in contents, thanks to the variety of products and solutions that Roland offers to the different sectors. The brand already had some sponsorship campaigns, but it was necessary to start a new visibility plan dedicated only to the field of dental mills.

The first step was to start a demand analysis in the different selected target countries:

  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • North Europe (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark)
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands

Identified the geographical area of intervention and evaluated the demand, the next step was the development of multilingual keywords research in order to identify the most effective combinations on which to base the campaigns taking the activities of the principal competitors into consideration.

Once defined combinations and campaign targets, the actual campaign was structured basing the creation of the ads on the Inbound Marketing model translating each campaign into the concerned languages in order to effectively reach the Marketing Qualified Leads.

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