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Bicycle Line

Success is a stage race, and we are already heading to the next destination!

Bicycle Line never stops and renews its digital presence! To make it possible once again, MM-ONE Group has put in place its expertise and experience for a new project: the creation of a unique portal which includes both the institutional part of the brand and the e-commerce section.

The objective has been fully achieved: the site is characterized by an effective graphic communication, curated by HEADS collective of Treviso, which has been involved in the brand restyling, starting from the logo; the e-commerce based on Magento2 offers a more agile and enjoyable shopping experience to the users: quick view to compare products in a fast and easy way, search filters to select products not only by size and colour, but also by those categories of interest for a cyclist such as padding, season and temperature.

In addition to the creation of the new website, MM-ONE Group set up a digital marketing activity aimed at enhancing brand visibility and awareness by means of SEO, adv and digital PR actions. Bicycle Line: sprinting to the next finish line!

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