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Bibione Thermae

Well-being and health just a click away

Bibione Thermae is the renowned spa centre in Bibione (VE) famous for the quality of its therapeutic and aesthetic treatments. In order to best illustrate the offer of the spa centre, it was necessary a digital experience able to tell about the two souls of the structure in a simple and immediate way: one was the wellness with various wellness treatments, and the other was dedicated to health with the treatments agreed with the National Health System. Two types of offers, two different targets to reach.

To illustrate the health and well-being dichotomy, the team of MMONE Group has made a complete restyling of the site: new tree, new division in thematic areas, new graphics. The result is a simple and intuitive navigation portal, divided into two distinct areas rich of relevant content about treatments and services provided by the centre around the year, both in summer and winter.

Inside the site there is also an e-commerce section where cosmetic products, treatments and entry tickets are sold. For content management and shop section, the site uses proprietary platforms StoreOne and CMSOne .

From the graphic aspect to the content, every detail is in line with the role of excellence of Bibione Thermae.

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