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The planning of a successful digital strategy starts from the identification of the business goal to pursue. For this reason, MM-ONE Group shares with the customer the company's goals, interpreting in the best possible way the reference market in which it operates.

After an initial comparative brief with the customer, MM-ONE Group analyses the digital environment in which the company operates, identifies its strengths and its weaknesses, reads the market to identify opportunities and threats and examines the digital behaviour of the direct competitors.

The targets -measurable, achievable and temporally programmable- can be diverse: some companies wish to guard established markets with existing products or with new products, others to tackle new markets with original or already marketed products. For each goal a digital strategy.

MM-ONE Group is at the service of the companies who want to seize this great business opportunity offered by the Web, by proposing the best digital planning to achieve the set targets.
As a company that for years has been embracing the continuous changes of the Web, we believe that the network is the true expression of a potential that must be seized. For this reason we encourage the companies to ask if they are truly grasping the opportunities that our century proposes to us.

The mission of MM-ONE Group is to guide companies through this change, to amplify the potential in the web market.

Recent surveys show how investing in the network can bring advantages in terms of productivity and growth. The companies that are active online registered revenues increases by approximately 1.2 %. As far as our customers' performances are concerned, their growth rates are much higher: in fact we estimate an increase in their business that exceeds 7% per year. Quite different is the case of companies with a mere presence online (whose website is only a showcase) or offline (without even a web site): their sales drop by 4.5 % per year.

Considering this huge potential offered by the Web, the role of MM-ONE Group is to define for each client its own digital path, starting from the sharing of goals.

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