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Once the customer's goals have been understood, the creation of the strategy passes to the choice of the correct combination of digital actions, the so-called Marketing Mix. MM-ONE Group draws up the agenda after an in-depth assessment of the means and digital solutions that can be adopted by each customer.

All this is done taking into account the factors of the market, the competitive and technological environments, the goal, the product and the digital environment in which the project of the customer is developed.

To face the Web, the right approach is essential, and the success of the digital strategy lays in adopting the correct actions, and in the infinite game of conquest and defense.

In the Web world, a conquest approach is used to strengthen Brand Identity, offering recognizability and authority to an increasingly wide audience of users, while a defense approach is used to keep guarding a company's own Web space, and consolidate and maintain its own performance.

These two approaches intersect the Awareness and Performance targets in a Web Marketing Mix plan that contemplates different digital actions with the sole purpose of pursuing the ultimate goal.


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