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Marketing Automation: how to make it successful? Here are the Trends for 2021!

20 December 2021

Inside a strategic system of activities focused on Digital Marketing for a specific Brand, Marketing Automation processes play a very important role, and their relevance gradually increases together with the complexity of the strategy.

The world of MA activities is wide and includes diverse and complementary sectors. The term “Marketing Automation” refers to a set of processes that use software to manage essential and repetitive activities, regarding for example the sectors of Email Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Contact Prediction and Contact Scoring or data development and monitoring of Landing Pages.    

All these areas of application are fundamental during each phase of the sales path, with special attention to the processes of Demand Generation and Customer Engagement, and the set of tools that work in the field of Marketing Automation is also identified with the expression “Marketing Technologies”, also known as MarTech.

Statistics about this type of Digital Marketing are clear: MA will not only continue to fascinate corporate investors in the near future but will also consolidate the approval gained until now.

According to the research “Forrester, Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017-2023 (Global)”, the overall expenditure of 11.4 billion dollars dedicated to Marketing Automation in 2017 will reach 25.1 billion dollars in 2023, in only 6 years.

It is one of the most dynamic, rapidly changing and interesting branches of Marketing: let’s discover together how it is changing, pointing out the 6 major trends for 2021 and the following period.


  1. Personalize communication through AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes will have more and more importance in future marketing communication: not replacing the intervention of professional marketers but supporting them.

This new logic, that Information Technology is constantly continuing to improve, will allow companies and agencies to hit more and more target users, selected with increasing precision by AI-based algorithms, to communicate with them in an increasingly natural way, and to obtain precious details and information about their interests, actions and behaviour, in order to support the work of Content Specialists in a precious way.

But there is more: with strategies supported by Artificial Intelligence technologies, Brands from every sector can create customized sales paths according to the specifications of a dynamic and mutable demand, and this represents an even more important condition for a company that works with e-commerce.


  1. Protect data and preserve privacy: the impact on Marketing operations

As always in a well-developed analysis, it is necessary to start with data. In the case of Marketing Automation Trends for 2021, among the most interesting surveys there are two particular and complementary statistics:

  • 72% of users who buy goods online are favourably inclined to interact with personalized contents according to their specific interests and research.
  • In addition, 86% of consumers are worried about the management of their own data in relation to privacy.

These surveys tell us that the customization of messages and commercial offers is appreciated and successful only if the reference framework of the collected data is defined in a clear and transparent way. This is why, in the future, it will be more and more important to update privacy policy, define in detail the consensus form filled in by website visitors, ensure users the maximum level of protection of collected data.  


  1. An innovative approach to Paid Media activities

Many years ago, Mark Schaefer, a famous American marketer, theorized the “Content Shock” condition as the phase in which the consumer, receiving a great amount of advertising messages every day, feels lost and confused even before starting any purchase path.

The current situation is certainly similar to the one described by Schaefer, since we watch between 400 and 10.000 advertising every day. How should we approach Paid activities, whatever the media used is?

Keyword: Relevance, in contrast to the metrics of Volume. The match can’t be played in quantitative terms, but qualitative: in an increasingly interconnected world, reaching a greater number of people doesn’t necessarily bring concrete benefits to ADV campaigns, but reaching the greatest possible number of really interested users, through contents that highlight the value proposition of a Brand among hundreds of promotional messages during the day, will bring many benefits.


  1. Automate business and forecast operations

In the current market, Agile Marketing is a fundamental condition to successfully achieve the objectives in the short, medium and long term. But what does agility mean in this context? Define your own strategies in a rapid and efficient way, aligning them with the sudden changes of interest and behaviour of digitized consumers.

After the pandemic, the normal conditions of purchase will profoundly change in comparison with the past: the online purchase and the search for valuable digital experiences, already present during the past decade, will further limit the role played by physical commerce.

This doesn’t only involve a change in the playing field, but also in the tools that must be used to enhance the strengths during the match. Using advanced tools in Marketing Automation field, that can intervene in present Business as well as in predictive perspective, will make the difference for future Brands: when purchase paths move to the Web, the management and the analysis of data and digital behaviour act as an effective compass to guide Marketing and commercial decisions.


  1. Use automation… to be more human

In order to stand out in a digital and competitive market, Marketing professionals have to internalize a simple but very significant maxim: entrusting all the repetitive and monotonous operations to bots and automatic tools is the key to enhance human resources in the activities in which individual creativity and sensibility are irreplaceable.

Users must be attracted not only by the quality of the products or services offered by a brand, but also by a valuable digital experience created according to their needs, tastes and desires. This is why marketers, supported by Marketing automation systems, can not only concentrate on the complex dynamics of the communication with great freedom and attention to details, but also obtain extremely precious information from MA tools to define the following steps of the strategy.

Moreover, the last surveys show that the majority of users desires virtual environments characterized by the rapidity and precision of preset automatic systems but with the capacity to understand shades and situations typical of human beings: this is why the integration of technological and human skills can be considered as the keystone to win the heart and mind of new customers.


  1. Integrate Sensitivity Analysis operations into your own Marketing strategies

When we face a market characterized by a strong rupture with the past and a remarkable tendency towards change, a solid Agile Marketing strategy can certainly benefit from the application of Sensitivity Analysis operations.

But what does this approach mean? Sensitivity Analysis is a method to measure the uncertainty of an expected result in specific contexts, usually related to Marketing, Finance and Sociology. This precious tool is also known as “What-if Analysis” and allows the analysis of the sensitivity and tolerance of set parameters inside a strategy, adding reasonings based on the formula “What would happen if…?”.

Calculating the oscillations of a strategic system in the best possible way in comparison with the estimated model can certainly strengthen the solidity of planning and enhance the capacity to orient towards the right direction. Even in this case, Marketing Automation tools are the solution that can provide great support to Marketers and Brands of every kind of sector.

After reading the 6 main trends for 2021, would you like to have more information about the fundamental theme of Marketing Automation? Great! Enjoy our vertical insight on this theme, and contact us for any doubt, curiosity or reflection about the world of Marketing Automation!

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