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Low speed is a killer! How your website loses 50% of mobile visitors

06 February 2018
Mobile Surfer or a customer who visits your site from a mobile device is the fastest visitor you ever had.
If Surfer is facing slow page upload or poor navigation, he will move further
searching for better mobile experience, maybe on a website of your competitor.


Opinion from Google

According to Google’s introduction, mobile has affected 2017 quite a bit. Mobile internet usage has exceeded Desktop for the first time. From now performance of your mobile website will directly impact your revenue.

Recent studies from Google confirmed that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned* if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.
3 seconds means a high-speed navigation considering average time to load a page from mobile is around 22 seconds.

It provides the fact that many websites have not yet adapted to the needs of their potential Clients, avoiding huge opportunities.
So what is the risk of not being mobile friendly?




Case study from the Web

A surfer is looking for a restaurant to make a lunch break.
The page showing opening hours of your venue does not load and surfer has little time to decide. And what he decides to do? Checking the schedules of another restaurant.
Result: potential customer is lost.

A Surfer is looking for a t-shirt of your brand.
He finds your official website on Google, clicks it but he waits too long to view catalog of your product. So what is the solution? He goes on Amazon looking for a higher level of shopping experience.
Result: potential customer is lost.

This means all your efforts about:

  • having a responsive website
  • keeping your website updated
  • caring about online reputation of your brand
  • posting on social media
  • investing in Google indexing

...are ruined together with user’s expectations about page loading.


Tips to improve mobile website performance

Take the next step not to lose all your achievements about online presence of your business, try to define the current condition of your mobile website and take necessary measures to optimize it in line with new needs.

We collected best practices and tactical recommendations have been outlined monitor your website behavior with standard connection 3D. MM-ONE Group is a certified Google Partner providing complete set of tests for your mobile website, request it here.

One of the solutions is to rely on high-performance hosting providers with fast server cloud to make a difference in website load speed. 100% Italian data center RackOne ensures professional service and the highest level of performance at very competitive prices.


No to the do-it-yourself in this case

Those few seconds during which surfers make their decision leave no hopes for slow mobile websites.

Right speed control and superb mobile performance in line with modern requests is a matter of expertise. Contact us to receive detailed problem analysis and set of solutions to enhance performance of your mobile performance using team work.

MM-One Group makes mobile surfing better!


* Source: Find out how you stack up to new industry benchmarks for mobile page speed - Think with Google - Daniel An - Feb 2017 - Mobile, Data & Measurement

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